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  • Michael Jackson Hold my hand

    Michael Jackson Hold my Hand sung with Akon.
    It’s really funny to me how they think they can get away with the phony songs on here. I can obviously tell it’s not Michael Jackson. Now for the songs that are Michael Jackson’s; there’s a reason why he had them locked away/put to the side.
    michael jackson hold my hand
    He felt he had not perfected them, needed to work on them more, or just did not like them. Either way you do not touch the dead man’s music.
    Here is Hold my hand video by Michael Jackson.

    If I bought this album, I’d feel like I need to wash my hands: it just does not feel right. If they think that releasing his unreleased/unfinished music is at real for his fans, it’s not. I feel disgusted. By the way much Too Soon is a beautiful song.

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    1. Marsha Baker says:

      I have a son his name is Cameron and he is a huge Michael Jackson fan. I have not seen my son in some years but if there is one thing in this world besides getting him back home that I could do for him and that is to find a way for him to go to Michael Jacksons place or for him to be involved with anything having to do with Michael. Thanks Akon my son somewhere out there would like this video just as much as I do. Marsha B.

    2. maureen says:

      Michael Jackson is someone whose music will never be forgotten

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