• Justin Bieber What do You Mean – New 2015 Song from Purpose Album

    Here are music reviews about the new 2015 hit song by Justin Bieber, What do You Mean, form his album titled Purpose and some fans’ reviews.

    With great thought, as adventurous this is, I have selected my pieces. The pieces are not casual, but a statement of true love and loyalty. One without risk, leads a dull life, hence, I selected the person. I will work hard to become a person appreciated from all angles, as I feel I lack the basic requirements to a type. I will build myself physically and
    professionally to impress gods and stars. I am confident, that my heart is true, my wisdom is sound, and my persona is enlightening. With further thought, without ado, I am going to invest into my love.

    what do you mean

    The one will walk around in pride that he is taken care of. What he will have is a symbol of trust, dedication, loyalty, strength, and a promise. The promise of the symbol is I am the right person in the future to ask for the hand and heart to trust me as the one to complete him in union. There will be dynamic craziness, arguing, and confusion, but I see fun, excitement, truth, and a bond that is described as best. I chose you and chose to do this for you in due time as my hearts tells me yes. You are my best.

    Track listing Purpose SE – Justin Bieber

    1. Mark My Words
    2. I’ll Show You
    3. What Do You Mean?
    4. Sorry
    5. Love Yourself
    6. Company
    7. No Pressure (featuring Big Sean)
    8. No Sense (featuring Travis Scott)
    9. The Feeling (featuring Halsey)
    10. Life Is Worth Living
    11. Where Are Ü Now (with Skrillex and Diplo)
    12. Children
    13. Purpose
    justin bieber what do you mean

    Justin Bieber

    What do you mean – 2015 Justin Bieber Music Video


    Worth waiting three years. “You haven’t even heard it yet.” I don’t have to. I know that when talent meets hard work, Greater things happen. SB Projects overflows with kind, caring, giving, hard working people. Justin, as well, is crazy talented and has an unbelievable work ethic, and one of the biggest hearts out there. Excited to see His purpose shine
    through in Justin. Congratulations and thank you to anyone who dipped their hand in the pot of this art called “Purpose”. Proud to support.

    The peak positions of the album Purpose in the Worldwide music charts.

    music chart purpose

    We won’t even be able to listen to the album until November 3rd. But! I already know that this album is going to be amazing! You have worked so hard for the past three years on this and i am just so proud of you Justin an the man you have become! I have believed in you since day one, and I will believe in you all the way to the end! Thank you Justin for always inspiring me and helping me realize to always believe in myself! ” I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me ” Love you Justin an once again I’m just so so proud of you!

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