• James Blunt Some Kind of Trouble

    James Blunt in Some Kind of Trouble.
    I guess he was already bored with the same old piano ballads. and It’s smart move, because I don’t think I would survive another album like this – and I’m saying it with huge love and appropriation to the previous albums. I was glad to hear “Stay The Night” – sounds like James Blunt, but much more fun. seems like this album is much more optimist, and that’s great. Some of the songs are great (“I’ll Be Your Man”, “Dangerous”) and some of them are forgettable. Some of them are typical James Blunt songs (“Best Laid Plans”) and some of them are not his usual style. Not an incredible masterpiece but It’s not a bad album overall. Fun album to spend some time with.

    james blunt some kind of trouble

    James Blunt

    I got this CD in December from England, and I’m glad I didn’t wait. I have never been more captivated by an album since I first listened to the Revolver album by The Beatles. James Blunt has definitely grown up since his first album and most certainly made up for his second with this third one. Each song has a very different feeling and I really love that. “Superstar” which is track 6, has an awesome guitar solo which I would never expect from him. “I’ll Be Your Man” has like a Kenny Logging type of feel to it, kinda peppy reggae style. If you like variety, buy this album, it really packs a punch.

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