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Donnie Darko soundtrack : Mad World : Gary Jules

Donnie Darko is a well known film, a real cult movie. Mad World by Gary Jules is a beautiful song (composed by Tears for Fears) of its soundtrack. Here is some reviews about the...

yo yo ma

Yo Yo Ma : The Best Cello Suites : youtube video : Bach

Yo-Yo Ma and his album “The best Cello Suites” by John Sebastian Bach: some helpful reviews and a youtube music video with Yo-Yo Ma playing a Prelude. This is perhaps the best performance of...

Best classical cd : 100 classics

This classical Cd album was released by EMI on 2004 on Itunes. These are the kinds of classical pieces that your alternative/emo/rock-addicted kids will hear from the next room and poke their heads in...