• Colplay Viva la vida CD : music reviews and video

    This CD really builds on what X&Y created a tone that’s a mix of sorrow, happiness but with a pop side combined with lyrics that are like poetry. It brings back memories of the edgier CD A Rush of Blood To the Head in tracks like Yes and Violet Hill. Parachutes is echoed in tracks like Strawberry Swing and 42.

    viva la vida coldplay

    But the album’s flagship song, Viva la Vida, is nothing short of amazing. It presents this cool, cryptic atmosphere that surrounds this disc within all of its tracks. Each song tells a story, and the stories blend with each other to form a musical novel of great depth and power.

    My favorites come as no surprise – Viva la Vida, Violet Hill and Strawberry Swing. But truly, every song on the CD is great. If you follow this album with Prospekt’s March, you end up with a massive symphony of alternative rock music.

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