• Cody Simpson 4 U EP : youtube music video

    Cody Simpson in 4u youtube music video and reviews. Cody, if you are reading this, keep your head up high and ignore them. “Hi hater you’re making me greater”. Remember that tweet? Your amazing and this is #9 on iTunes pop charts. Haters are taking they’re time out to make you feel worse about you. To me, they’re really fans, if you didn’t like a person you wouldn’t take the time to search them on iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, anything else, would you?

    4u cody simpson music video

    Cody Simpson 4u

    4u music video by youtube : Cody Simpson

    Why would you do that if you are a hater? Fake fans under disguise. When they see you they’re probably like “Wow, this kid is amazing but i think I’m going to irritable and put him down so he’ll stop being so amazing and i can try to be better.” Really, they’re people who are jealous and know they could never complicate all that your doing. Your no Justin Bilberry. Your the first AND last Cody Simpson. Your talented and special. Ignore every person trying to put you down.

    Focus on fans. We love you. Your thirteen, young, a very handsome boy, and achieving a lot for a thirteen year old. This is only the beginning for you, and sweetie, your going to go even farther then what people expect. Your proving them wrong and your making your fans, friends, and family so proud. I don’t even know you but I’d be proud to call you my family or friend. This rep is great. You did so well, I’ll listen to it #all day. Never will ever loose hope in you or this album. Cody your making me more then happy to call myself a fan. I hope this helps you, and I hope you realized all of this before I got the chance to say that to you. I love you.

    I think that there should be a negative five million on here! I hate this kid already! We do not need another Justin bilberry! I have 20 bucks that says half the reviews on this that say “com I liv it!” are from teen girls that in no way get laid so they have this idea that if they basically stock a person like this little dweeb they could possibly get some. News flash! Its not going to happen! And the reason why those girls like the music is just because they want to do him and heres another little news flash for yeah!

    If that boy is straight then thats the day Paris Hilton is president. And at this time I would also like to thank all you little b**tches that get into these fad fro ruining Twilight, Lady GaGa, and Para more just to name a few things.

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