• Essential Michael Jackson – The girl is mine

    The girl is mine youtube video by Michael Jackson featuring Paul Mac Cartney: one of his greatest hit.

    Essential Michael Jackson : Itunes review : the girl is mine youtube

    I just wish he was here to see this. #1 again. I still to this day love Michael Jackson as much as I did at the age of 9 when I was given Thriller. My first album. My greatest memories as a kid come from Michael: Taking over the kitchen to put on shows after we practiced our “How to Moonwalk like Michael Jackson” video.

    the girl is mine michael jackson

    Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney

    My dad surprising us with Victory and BAD tour tickets, after waiting in line for 20 hours each time, because he knew history was in the making…and because it would mean the world to me. Michael Jackson’s music and dancing were the soundtrack of my childhood and to this day I still do the moonwalk at the clubs. I have every album from the Jackson 5 era to Thriller 25th Anniversary.


    I still have my programs, my Michael Jackson glove, my Michael Jackson hat, every article clipping, tapes of every video, performance, or news special. Unless you were around in the 80’s you really have no true grasp of how huge and larger than life he really was. It was impossible not to be in awe of his talent and the way he changed music forever.

    Michael Jackson : the girl is mine : video youtube : review

    I was never a “fair” weather fan. I just wish the world did not treat him so wrong while he was here. You have to think growing up 100% in a fishbowl has to take its toll. You have to wonder why more people did not protect him. I could see that he was so sheltered that he could not see when a situation could lead to others taking advantage of him. I believe that given everything, Those are the people who need to look up to heaven and ask God and Michael for forgiveness for the pain and end to his life. (Media, Lawyers, Accusers, Users, etc etc). They need to look at the Man in The Mirror.
    It is so hard to think that he is really gone. Just a few months ago I was giddy with excitement at the chance to try and see him in London. I would have slept in a box in Piccadilly Circus to get a chance to see him dance on stage the way no other person ever could or ever will.

    Even now as I type this review of my experience more than just this piongant song I keep having a hard time grasping that it is real. Michael Jackson is gone. I know he is going to be in heaven singing with the angels and teaching them the moon walk….and I hope to see him someday.
    BUT…I wish he was here seeing that his fans still loved him

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