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    lyrics perfect ed sheeran

    Ed Sheeran Perfect – Lyric Music Video

    Lyric music video of Perfect by Ed Sheeran and any beautiful reviews about his last album titled Divide. The other singles taken from the album are: Castle on the Hill Shape of You Galway...

    lucas graham 7 years

    Lucas Graham 7 Years Reviews and Music Video

    7 Years Music video by Lucas Graham and some reviews from iTunes. Nowadays,  every song on the radio basically sounds the same. But then here comes this song that sounds different, that feels different,...

    made in the am 1D

    One Direction Perfect – Made in the A.M.

    Fan reviews about Perfect and the last One Directions’ album, Mad in the A.M. I’ve been in the one direction fandom since The X Factor. I’ve seen the boys in concert with Zayn twice...

    hello adele 25

    Adele Hello New Single and Album 25 Track List

    Hello is Adele’s new single and 25 the title of her new Album releasing on November 20, 2015: here is some reviews and the music video. No matter what kind of song she creates and...

    naughty boy la la la

    Naughty Boy La La La Featuring Sam Smith – Meaning

    One of the best 2013 music video on Youtube is La La La by Naughty Boy Featuring Sam Smith. Music is awesome and Lyrics is based on an old Bolivian Legend. According to Ian...

    michael jackson hold my hand

    Michael Jackson Hold my hand

    Michael Jackson Hold my Hand sung with Akon. It’s really funny to me how they think they can get away with the phony songs on here. I can obviously tell it’s not Michael Jackson....