• Yo Yo Ma : The Best Cello Suites : youtube video : Bach

    Yo-Yo Ma and his album “The best Cello Suites” by John Sebastian Bach: some helpful reviews and a youtube music video with Yo-Yo Ma playing a Prelude. This is perhaps the best performance of Bach by a single instrument that I Ve ever heard. It is so amazing that it makes classical guitarist John William’s performances of Bach sound dull by comparison. This is the ultimate combination of composer, performer, and producer. Everything about it is outstanding. Whether you like your music aggressive or relaxing, you will get it all at the same time with this compilation. And fans of heavy metal guitar MUST buy this.

    yo-yo ma youtube video : bach

    Youtbe video by Yo-Yo Ma : Bach suites

    As someone who regularly listens to all genres of music from hip hop and reggae to jazz and rock, I have to say that this album is absolutely exquisite. Yo-Yo Ma has the ability to bring out the absolute virtues and beauty of the Cello. It would not be uncommon to have his music bring you to an absolute standstill, regardless of what you were doing, simply to allow yourself to be transfixed by the elegance and beauty of his work.

    Youtube video : Yo-Yo Ma : Best cello suites album CD : Bach

    I suspect I don’t have all that well-tuned an ear, but Ma’s latest recording of the cello suites is truly outstanding-especially when combined with the video series that came out with it. I enjoy this recording somewhat more than Janos Starker’s EMI (?) recording of the cello suites which I also have Ma seems to lighten the mood of them somewhat-more, as he commented, of a prayer.

    The mood in Starker’s interpretation seems to me darker, lonelier (though I think it would be wrong to say that one is better than the other. I find myself listening to one or the other to fit my mood.)

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