• Wes Montgomery : Smoking At the Half Note (Live)

    This is probably THE BEST CD for Jazz Guitarists. WES revolutionized Jazz guitar. And his best works are on this very album.

    While a fan for sometime, I have a new appreciation for Wes Montgomery after listening to the NPR “Jazz Profile” segment that lays out his biography and dissects his style. (You can download it for free as a podcast). If you are only familiar with his covers of pop tunes, you need to give this one a listen. Slick with a soul.

    Wes Montgomery album : smoking at the half note

    smoking at the half note : Wes Momtgomery

    smoking at the half note : Wes Momtgomery

    The music is good, but I get so sick of hearing the announcer each time. Listen up producers and artists, DO NOT put the announcer on live tracks. We buy the music for music, and hearing some guy blah, blah, blah each time is defacing the music. It’s like putting a sticker at the top of the Mona Lisa saying this is the Mona Lisa.

    Often the best price for a recording is the Amazon CD price but this is a clear exception. This is the best and most affordable way to own this iconic recording. Not only that but Pat Metheny is often quoted as saying this got him started at age 13. Unit 7 is often cited as the best track. If you need convincing to purchase this entire recording try Impressions, Misty and/or Willow Weep for Me to give you an idea of what you are in for. The joy in these performances is transcendent.

    jazz guitar masterpiece : smoking at the half note : Wes Montgomery

    If you love Jazz guitar you must have this download! This is a great album to play for friends over for food and wine.
    If you play jazz guitar, this cd is a must. These songs are standards in their own rite. Learn them, study them and you will not be disappointed. Greatest Jazz Guitar Album of All Time!
    Essential for all Jazz collections

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