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    I was first introduced to Diana Krall’s Music when I was in college at University of North Texas. a school best known for it’s Jazz studies Program. While I did not study jazz there, I learned a lot just by being on campus. I am forever grateful to an old buddy of mine for introducing me to her music. When I heard she was working with Claus Ogerman (Live in Paris) again, I was so excited. If you ever get the chance to see her live, pay whatever you have to, it’s worth it. I am still waiting for her return trip to the Dallas area. DK, voice is always sensual and sexy, her music reminds you of the kind of girl you’ve always wanted to marry.


    Reviews about Quiet Nights by Diana Krall

    Diana has showed artistic depth, versatility, and restraint on this album. She took a chance on this album because it is a slight change from her typical work of the past. In veering away from the past it warranted my appreciation of her artistic abilities even more. I believe she did an excellent job conveying a Quiet Night. The whole album flows so smoothly. It touches a part of your being that is “still” inside. That stillness that gives peace and quiet silence. Just listen to ‘You’re My Thrill’ and you will get what I am saying. Bravo to you Diana Krall Overall, the artistic side of Diana is shown within this set of songs. That is why I have rated this album 5 stars.

    Absolutely loved the entire album. Jobim and other souls from Bossa Nova have to be in absolute elation…
    “Este Seu Olhar” whispered in Portuguese with the sweet Brazilian accent is absolutely marvelous. ‘So Nice”, the classic ‘Girl (Boy) from
    Ipanema”. What else’ Except ‘-oo Marvelous For Words”. “How (else) Can You Mend a Broken Heart”. Great “Quiet Nights” indeed”

    Like other fans who have written in, I have to agree that Diana’s appeal is not explained solely by her trademark voice and phrasing. It’s as much her piano and backing combo. The originality that defined her previous efforts is lost among the strings in Quiet Nights. It appears that she has given up on that creative phase of her life and is now more focused on elevator covers for the over-60 set just to make a quick buck or fulfill a recording contract. No one will ever surpass Dionne’s “Walk On By,” so why did she even bother? Sorry, Diana, you’re going home.

    Other reviews : Diana Krall : Quiet Nights video

    Let me say right up front – I’m a big big fan of Diana Krall – her wonderful voice, phrasing – her wonderful jazz piano – big. Now. Quiet Nights, I feel a little like my granddaughter when I took her to see the first Pirates of the Caribbean – after the movie she said, “Bumpy,” she calls me Bumpy, “I liked it but there was a little too much pirate fighting for me.” Well, Diana, I like it but there’s a little too much violins for me. But I get it. Thanks for another terrific performance – and 5 stars’ PS So Nice (Summer Samba) (Live in Brazil) is so nice.

    Diana Krall’s voice has never sounded better and the intimate, sensual tone of the entire album ranks it among her best. This is perfect for lounging on a beach, for a night with a loved one, or for relaxing. The stand outs for me are ‘Walk on By,” The Boy from Ipanema” and the live version of “So Nice.” They ooze with feeling and passion of the cool kind. I really, really love this album:

    this is an uber classy album and I surprised to to see the # number of reviews asking for more jazz. I have to believe that is a vocal minority. I am an ex jazz musician and for me. this is the perfect Krall record: smooth, sublime, straight eighths, etc. Tommy and Claus and Diana, or really Diana and Tommy and Claus … makes a good combo even if you have heard some of it before. This is a keeper. Just buy it, and truly enjoy it. This is a purchase that will last forever.

    Quiet Nights album by Diana Krall : video : Itunes reviews

    If you loved the full arrangements of Look of Love, you will want to devour this musical treat as well. Her critics say she’s lost her edge, but for me… a glass of wine, fiickerig candle light and the lush arrangements are all you need. Thanks Diana for another sweet mod

    You cant go wrong with anything this great. A different sound than most of her albums but worth adding to your collection, It’s one of those albums you can drive to, listen to during rainy afternoons with cups of tea or wine, or listen to with anyone you care about.

    Married life or something seems to have reduced the strength in Diana’s voice. She seems so restrained and unwilling to belt the songs out like she has in the past. All too dreamy. She must be trying to portray a new and diiferent mood for her future albums. I’m not impressed sorry to say. I have almost worn out her earlier albums.They were sexy.

    Diana Krall is a complex and gifted artist. I love her three and four-piece combo work the best. But her lush orchestral sound is really delightful, too. That is what you get here folks. It is a generous helping of pop and jazz that was well chosen and wonderfully performed.

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    1. gee says:

      Love the album. I am going to see her on the 3rd of march and am looking foward to seeing her, finial in concert. Hope Diana can play some of her old stuff, as well. Have seen her play in a trio on youtube and thought it was great.

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