The doors youtube: Light My fire : music video

Jim Morrison and the Doors in a youtube music video of Light my fire one of their well known songs. Here are also great music reviews about the album “The Doors”.
Boy am I old and privileged. I was at the 1967 Simon and Garfunkel concert at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in New York where The Doors opened for Paul and Artie. It was an amazing opening and many did not know what to make of them.

the doors youtube light my fire

youtube music video : Light my fire : The Doors

Jim Morrison was caressing the microphone and “Light my Fire” was so seductive. It was 40 years ago and I can still see and hear the
Doors very clearly in my head. This album is why the word eclectic was invented. The Doors were just so creative and different and this album is worth the money despite some missing songs.

the doors light my fire

Light my fire : youtube music video : The Doors

This is truly the most groundbreaking album in the the history of rock n roll, this album holds such classics like break on through, Alabama song, the end, and of course one of the greatest songs ever light my fire. Though they are probably greatest bands ever this album showed the better sound of the doors that was much better than all the later albums

  • Watch The Doors’ Light my fire youtube video.

This album is a great introduction to one of the greatest rock bands ever. It has everything. From the calmness of the Crystal Ship to the chaos of The End. Break on Through is a fantastic opening song, which introduces the magical and weird world of the Doors. Then there is Light My Fire, the biggest hit the Doors ever had. I Looked At You and Take It As It Comes go hand and hand.The album ends with The End, an absolute masterpiece. If you never listened to the The Doors, listen to this album and you will become a fan right away.

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  1. lynn slenn says:

    One of the best songs ever written, still feel good every time I hear it.

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