• The Beatles Let it be : youtube music video

    I’m probably one of the few Beatles fanatics to place Let It Be among my three favorite albums, and I dont care! Yes, Phil Spectoris no George Martin (really, who is?). Martin was the actual producer at the sessions for Let It Be, though, and he clearly had more than a hand in crafting its sound. It’s a messy album, to be sure, but that ramshackle quality really adds to its charm. “IVe Got A Feeling” and “Two Of Us” are among my all-time favorite Beatles songs. There’s the title track and a truncated version of “Get Back’. “Dig A Pony”,


    beatles let it be youtube music video

    youtube video : Let it be : The Beatles

    youtube music video : Let it be : The Beatles

    Here’s where I fall off The Beatles bandwagon, though. I realize that “Across The Universe” is a popular, beloved song and will probably end up as one of the best-selling Beatles tracks here.

    • Watch The Beatles’ Let it be in this youtube music video.

    I just cant get into it that much, to be honest. I appreciate its artistic merits, but not my favorite.
    That said, buy the record. It’s The Beatles-as-bar band; a awesome classic.

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    1. timothy patterson says:

      Some how this song made me wanna cry, Don’t know why. So beautiful.

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