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  • Taio Cruz Dynamite : music video youtube

    A pop rock video by Taio Cruz taken from youtube and titled Dynamite; then some interesting reviews about his song and album.
    Hey, it’s 2010, and today is all about pumping pop hits you can find in a club somewhere with a banging bass and audio compression for the iPod age. Its contemporary, relevant, and fun, so do not be a hater and just embrace today’s music. Despite all the criticisms, pop albums like these can be extremely fun and could be the soundtrack of your summer life to remember for years from now.

    taio cruz dynamite

    Taio Cruz

    Be a part of 2010, buy a piece of history people will look back and you will be able to play when you’re old to remember life as it is now.

    taio cruz rockstarr youtube music

    Rockstarr youtube video : Taio Cruz

    Rockstarr : Taio Cruz : youtube music video

    This album has the club beats, and dance/hip-hop roots to be reminiscent of the Black Eyed Peas E.N.D album that I just could not stop listening to last summer. Now this is out exactly a year after that and it’s what I will be listening too, as well as everyone else, so enjoy! Taio Cruz is talented and has come a long way and his music makes me wonder about some great Afro Pop inspiration with Taio Cruz’s interesting heritage. Now only if Beyonce would come out with a new album, then I will be set for 2010!

    Youtube music video : Taio Cruz Rockstarr

    I cannot think of anything to say how about AMAZING! Taio Cruz is the best singer on the radio right now! Break Your Heart, Dynamite, and Dirty Picture could not be better than they are right now! If you do not rate this 5 stars, then I do not know what you think fantastic music is! Whenever Taio Cruz releases something, I will buy it the exact second it comes out! Taio Cruz is truly the MASTER of music! Keep doing what you are doing Taio Cruz cause I’m buying!

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