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  • Rise Against : Help is on the way : video

    Help is on the way by Rise Against: music video and reviews.
    There is really very little to be critical about in this song. For the record, I like Rise Against’s newer “Appeal to Reason”-like sound rather than their “Revolutions Per Minute”-like sound, not that the latter is bad. “Help Is On the Way” is a great example of their versatility, along with songs like “Roadside” and of course “Swing Life Away.” My only regret (not enough to bring them down a star) is that the song does sound a lot like “Hairline Fracture” from Appeal to Reason, but that’s okay, because that’s a great song.

    rise against music video help is on the way

    Help is on the way : Rise against

    Help is on the way : music video by Rise Against

    Do not get me wrong, this is a very strong single. Its just its a little less creative than some of their stuff. The pre-chorus is my personal favorite part, but the chorus just kinda sounds like DGC handed them the name “Help Is On the Way” and they put it in song format. Not that its a bad song, I really like the song you can listen here with this video taken by Youtube.

    I just wish it could sound like Prayer of the Refugee, or Blood to Bleed a little more. But hey, thats my opinion, if this is how the band wants to do it. By all means, let them do their thing.

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    1. Daniel kelley says:

      I like it a lot it was a very good song.

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