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  • Sill Life (Talking) : Pat Metheny group

    Pat Metheny has an inner understanding of the soul itself through his music. The list of his accomplishments on other albums are astounding. This particular album exemplifies the famous Metheny style with the spirit of life.He’s gathered a great following over the years. I listen to a lot of music and this is one of my favorite CDs. Pat really got hold of something special (a cosmic music vibe!!) in an energetic, creative blending of classic PMG with a heavily Brazilian influence— which was always lurking with tunes like “Song For Bilbao.” Without a doubt, Pat is one of the best composers of our time. He also happens to be one of the best guitarists, also. Live versions of almost all of these tunes are available. Actually, I think “Last Train Home” is one of the weaker tunes (still love it, though). “Minuano” has become a Pat Classic, and “Third Wind” is one of the best Pat build-up jams (reminds me of “Until The End Of The World” which came later).

    Still Life : Pat Metheny : reviews

    Still Life Talking : Pat Metheny

    Still Life Talking : Pat Metheny

    Few musical moments are powerful enough to bring tears to your eyes: this, PMG’s best, has many such moments. Be transfixed, be transformed. Listen to an album recorded almost twenty years and it still measures up as one of the great jazz albums of all time; a crucial point – buy the entire album for its seamless linkage from song to song. “World Fusion” at it’s best…Hard to believe it comes from Lee’s Summit Kansas and Witchita Falls Texas .I love these guys .If you practiced all day every day for 30 years ,you might be able to do this .Let alone write this .God bless the PMG!


    Other reviews : Pat Metheny group’s Still Life (Talking)

    I remember listening to Minuano as a child (I was 6 when this LP was released) and loving the dramatic middle section of the song. As I grew older, I’ve come to absolutely love So It May Secretly Begin. That song alone is a must have for any kind of chill moment – very soothing and mood enhancing song. My parents’ have burned through 2 copies of the LP and 3 cassettes, I’ve burned through a copy of the LP and 2 CDs, and we just keep rebuying them every single time. The music never gets old – cause you could never guess it was recorded in ’87, now 20 years ago! A must have jazz disc! This CD is worth every penny my favorite is Minuano I love Pat Metheny (Are you going with me) is a classic Pat Metheny knows how to speak to the soul.


    This cd does just that and much more! This album truly showcases PMG in their finest musical moment, to-date. It enhances and transports you through every emotion an awakening of the senses I fell in love with this album when a radio station played it here in Los Angeles in the late 80’s.

    I own a copy of this on Record and to hear it now, in all of it’s original quality, brings back a lot of grat memories. This album is one of his best. I was amazed a just how good this album is! I have downloaded just about the whole thing, i like this one just as much as David Blamires album, which has the same sound to it. So by all means if you are into this type of jazz get both of them. Third Wind is my favorite track.

    Late Train Home : Still Life (Talking) : Pat Metheny

    Last Train Home (and the music video of it as well) will forever remind me of wonder for such a beautiful place to visit. Pat Metheny’s music always seems to bring me to places and people I keep close in my heart. No other artist has been able to unite
    the soul-ish aspect of instrumental music and the memorable experiences of life quite like him. His music will certainly find admirers for years to come.

    As another poster said, this album has the extraordinary ability to sound vital and uplifting 25 years later. I saw the group a few times in Boston around the time this album came out and it was truly thrilling – when the train-track drumming of Last Train Home began there was an extraordinary roar in the Orpheum Theater, a release of deep energy – one of the best concert moments ever.
    As for the album itself, as noted by others it is critical to listen to the whole thing, in order. Then, Third Wave seems as stunning an achievement as A Day in the Life did on Sgt. Peppers’ the first time you heard it.

    Guitar jazz album : Pat Metheny : Still Life

    Jazz fanatic or jazz newbie – buy this cd. Vou will not be disappointed. I remember hearing Pat Metheny for the first time while in college and was blown away. His music is timeless and I am moved whenever I listen to Minuano! There are certain albums that change what you listen to — this is one of them, along with Cerati’s Bocanada, Spirojazz’s Tales from Buenos Aires, Manu Chao’s album, and King Sunny Ade’s JuJu Music. This is right up there. As a Pat Metheny fan and a huge fan of Brazilian music, this brings the BEST of both worlds together. Absolutely fantastic. Probably one of my all-time favorite albums. There are precious few that I listen to over and over and over.
    This is one. It never gets old. It sounds just as fresh as it did 20 years ago!

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    1. Andrew Brown says:

      It’s odd that the original music video of “Last Train Home” has been pulled from all search-able sites and was never made available for sale. I had the opportunity to download a copy years ago but didn’t. All I could save was a live version of the song.
      Thanks to you for this post.

    2. Edith Gursel says:

      One of my favorite Jazz pieces

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