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    A youtube video about the great jazz singer Norah Jones : Don’t know why. Then some reviews about her album titled Norah Jones Itunes, a collection of some songs and interviews. I think in this compilation Norah shows a nice progress in her career. And how with grace and talent as she has carried the public a refreshing music in many ways, is a good choice in iTunes with a great artist, with a great voice and grace.

    norah jones

    Reviews about Norah Jones Itunes : Don’t know why video youtube

    Norah can do no wrong in my eyes. She’s smart, funny, not cocky yet not unsure of herself, either…and her music speaks for itself. It will last long after all the one hit wonders and flavor of the month pop styles that come and go.
    The interview segments offer an interesting insight into how she views herself and her music, and shows that she is willing to grow and try new things, yet remain true to her roots. Long may Norah grace us with her special musical gifts.

    I like the selection of songs she chose- especial Bull Rider, totally different from her usual style. It’s nice to see her branch out, never thought she would move to a country style. Interviews are interesting but you only need to hear them once, then delete. Still all in all, great album.

    This amazing album explains the story behind Norah’s albums and how the albums came to be. Norah provides interesting narration on top of the songs she selected for the album. A few of the songs are exclusive live performances, which are amazing.

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