• Nina Simone Sinner man youtube video

    Nina Simone sings Sinner man in a video taken from youtube and some reviews about her album The best of Nina Simon you can buy on iTunes.

    Nina Simone is in a category unto herself! Truly a unique and undeniably talented voice in American music. If you’re not familiar with Nina, this is a great place to start, but certainly not the end.

    nina simone youtube video

    Nina Simone youtube video

    Her credits are many and while this album has several gems; there are many more out there to be discovered by a new listener. Her influences were many, and “Best Of” is a delightful varied album. “The Other Woman” is possibly one of the loveliest and saddest pieces of music ever recorded.

    Great reviews about Nina Simone on iTunes : The best of – Sinner man video youtube

    In the upper right hand corner in the iTunes browser is “Search iTunes Store.” Enter “Wild is the Wind.” At least 4 copies of this song by Ms. Simone will pop up that are available for individual purchase – there may have been even more, but I figured 4 would be enough.

    Beautiful Album in the way that all of Nina Simone’s stuff is. Unfortunately iTunes decided to make”sinner man” album only because of it’s popularity. Which is their right of course, but unfortunately it’s a very profit oriented move. Realizing it’s popularity they made every single copy of the song on iTunes album only… one of the many songs IVe had this happen with.

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