• Melody Gardot : Who will comfort me

    Melody Gardot sings Who will comfort me in a youtube video: this song is taken by her album My one and only thrill.
    Here are some reviews about this album and Melody taken buy Itunes.

    This is the album I have been waiting for. I am a huge jazz fan, and have been waiting for a silky-smooth, nighttime, anytime, jazz record.

    melody gardot

    Melody Gardot’s voice is amazing – smooth, subtle and sexy. Many compare her to Norah Jones but I find this insulting. Melody Gardot writes most of her songs, plays guitar and piano on all her tracks, and has so much class and originality. And she can scat! And it sounds good! I would instead say that she has the sexy voice quality of Julie London, and her songs range from sassy-swing to chill-out fantastic. I highly, highly, highly recommend this album.

    Who will comfort me : Melody Gardot youtube video

    Melody Gardot has been having a great success on Itunes…

    She is splendid. I discovered her on a free on iTunes selection awhile back, with Worrisome Heart. I immediately went out and bought the album as I had to hear more. I played it continuously at work, in the car…you get my point. So when I heard another album was on its way I was more than thrilled. Is magnificent! My favorites are (in order) If The Stars Were Mine, Who Will Comfort Me, Baby I’m A Fool and then on from there. Melody, thanks for bring me such nice music with your lovely voice. You are too nice and good luck with everything! Au Revior!

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    1. Marian says:

      I love this song, but more than that, I love the way she sings it.

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