• Mariah Carey : All i want for christmas is you : youtube video

    Mariah Carey in All i want for Christmas is you youtube music video, a song taken by her album titled Merry Christmas. There are also some music reviews about her well known Christmas album.
    While I have always appreciated Mariah Carey’s voice, the way gospel has informed her styling, and the fact that she co-writes much of her material, I’m not big on pop music generally. Nevertheless, this has come to be my favorite Christmas album ever.

    mariah carey youtube video christmas

    youtube video : All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey

    All I want for Christmas is you : Mariah Carey youtube : music video

    There is not a bad cut here and some of the tracks really stand out, particularly the ones she co-wrote. Plus Mariah Carey’s gospel background comes through in a beautiful way (via the arrangements, the choirs, instrumentation, and of course her incredible voice).

    mariah carey christmas

    This is the only Christmas album that can start playing accidentally on my iPod in July that I wont skip over. Do not just buy one song, buy the whole thing. You’ll be glad you did.

    Mariah Carey youtube music video

    I am not much of a fan of Christmas music, I have to admit. But after listening to this album, and buying it, I think that Mariah Carey’s voice brings out the fun in Christmas and listening to these toe-tapping1 songs. My favorites would have to be ‘All I want for Christmas is you,'(obviously,) and ‘Christmas baby please come home.’
    Here is the youtube music video by Maria Carey titled All I want for Christmas is you.

    The songs have great beats and are fun to dance around the house in during this exciting and joyous time of year.

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