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  • Lucas Graham 7 Years Reviews and Music Video

    7 Years Music video by Lucas Graham and some reviews from iTunes.

    Nowadays,  every song on the radio basically sounds the same. But then here comes this song that sounds different, that feels different, that IS different. Why? Because the artists are telling you a life story. They believe the words they are singing. Now I have only listened to “7 Years” all the way through. My verdict? I am going to buy the album. Why? Because Lukas Graham ponders lyrics, they feel what they are singing, and in turn we listen in utter amazement. Thy are going to go far, my friends.

    lucas graham 7 years

    Lucas Graham

    l’ve been listening to Lukas for months and I can’t get enough. This Denmark star is going to finally be able to showcase his songs through iTunes! Lukas Graham uses a truly different style to teli his stories from “Marna Said” and a more notable “7 years” while bringing an up beat and uniqueness to these songs he also provides a strangely unusually happiness to songs like “Drunk in the Morning” and “Funeral”. All said. I can’t wait, now we have the rest of his collection!

    All the songs on this album is really great, im glad thè guys have put in Drunk in thè morning which were on their first album the person that says it sounds like Troye Sivan, so not true the way Lukas writes and sings are different from Troye, no hate on Troye just saying thè musical and personal backgrounds are different. And how dare the other person compare them to high school musical. Just please American fans remember the band is more than just Lukas in front the amazingly talented bandmembers include Lovestick (drums), Magnum (bass) and Daugaard (keys) Proud Dane and oh yeah seeing them live is thè best, you need to go to one of their concerts

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