• Linkin Park : Numb : youtube music video

    Youtube music video of Numb by Linkin Park and great reviews of their album titled Meteora.

    I’m an incredible fan of Linkin Park, and I have to say this is my favorite album from them. First steps:

    • Numb – I actually do not view this song as incredible, but it definitely goes well with many Linkin Park fans.
    • Faint – Incredible song! Hardcore and fast paced, just incredible.
    • Don! Stay – Another awesome song I love.
    • Figure.09 – Definitely an important first step.
    linkin park youtube music video numb

    Link Park’s Numb : youtube music video

    youtube music video : Numb : Meteora Linkin Park

    linkin park numb

    • Lying from You – A great song you’ll enjoy For intermediate fans:
    • Somewhere I Belong –  Definitely a great song, but it seems to dwindle as you listen to it more and more.
    • From the inside – A dramatic and powerful song you should enjoy for a good while.
    • Hit the Floor – I’m going to put this in the intermediate section instead of the Hardcore fans section because personally, it’s a favorite. Most Linkin park fans just do not like all the rapping, but I like the rap rock combination. Hardcore Fans:
    • Easier to run – This one doesn’t seem totally wonderful, but it’s OK.
    • Session – A weird and cool song.
    • Nobody’s listening – Yet again, weird and cool.

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