• Lady Gaga : Just dance : Colby O’Donis : youtube music video

    Colby O’Donis and Lady Gaga in Just dance youtube music video and some reviews.

    Lady GaGa has created a great video that is not your typical music video. Instead of going for the obvious and making “Just Dance” in a club with people dancing; she went for something a bit different-a house party and uses a ton of images, colors, and ideas to all swirl into something great.

    lady gaga just dance music youtube

    Youtube music video : Lady Gaga : Just dance

    She is an artistic genius and I’m so excited to see what her next videos look like since this one is so promising! Check it out! p.s. The old lady with the 2006 glasses is so funny.

    youtube music video by Lady gaga : Just dance

    Actually, despite the trashy look of the surroundings, I am sort of happy that she did it outside the club scene. Even she knew that was just much of an obvious set-up for the song. You see? She’s has a great visual mind, unlike the people who saying “She should have done it in a club”-they have no sense of creativity in them.

    I wonder if those are the same people who bash on artists that say that the artists themselves have “no creativity”?

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