• Keri Hilson No Boys Allowed : youtube music video

    Youtube music video by Keri Hilson of the song titled No boys allowed. The music is even more gross than the album cover, and that’s saying a lot. She’s twisting in awkward angles to try and squeeze herself through all of the other big money-makers in the music industry, but honestly nobody really cares do they? It’s all the same recycled old batteries and banana peels in a compressed tube. I see absolutely no point in myself or anybody in the world purchasing this album.

    keri hilson no boys allowed youtube video

    No boys alowed by Keri Hilson

    No boys allowed by Keri Hilson : music video

    Want some good music? Try Chinooks, The Doors, Pierce The Veil, Isles & Glaciers, Jane’s Addiction, Five Finger Death Punch, Bright Eyes, The Academy Is…, Jack’s Mannequin, Radio head, nevermore!, Nirvana, The Smiths, Dance Gavin Dance; there is just so much better music than this. If you are looking at this page, you probably like pop so I’d look at Jack’s Mannequin. If you like trashy pop, Katy Perry is actually pretty good (though more her stuff before Teenage Dream.

    When i saw this album by Keri, i was so excited! I thought it would be full of addicting songs similar to Rock star by Primal J;  songs that make you wanna have a sleepover and blast on a boom box for hours; or songs just like from Lil Mama’s VIP album but with more singing! And when I heard pretty girl rock, i was hopeful.

    But I was wrong. It all went down hill from there. And why is the title is No boys allowed?  It should be called wannabe booty call. Someone tell me I’m Frazer. If she’d stuck to her album name she could’ve won the attention of lot of people including me. I’ve never been a huge fan, still ain’t.

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    1. chase says:

      Nice video i like her music

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