• Katy Perry Teenage Dream youtube video

    Teenage Dream is another great success by Katy Perry: youtube music video and some reviews.
    This song, as soon as i heard it was my new favorite Katy Perry song. I love how she can go from writing a fun song like California Gurls. to a fast slow pace love song, sort of like Thinking of you.

    katy perry youtube teenage dream

    Katy Perry youtube video : Teenage Dream

    This song is real catchy, and shows how we feels as teenagers when we find the one we love. song captures the Teenage Dream Feeling. Love it! The words are catchy, and it’s something you can jam out to in the car, and sing in front of the mirror, love this song.

    Youtube video : Katy Perry Teenage Dream : single

    This is a great song for the summer that sounds awesome. Its exactly her style and everybody who loves katy perry will love this song. And for those people who are saying its “mainstream garbage” and “she needs to go back to how she was before” need to realize that this is the sound that made her famous and she knows it.

    Here is Katy Perry’s youtube music video title Teenage dream.

    If shes goes back to her old sound, she would be a nobody again and she wants to keep the audience she has now cause thats whose making her famous

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