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  • Katy Perry California Girls Music Video

    An amazing music video about Katy Perry in California Girls and some reviews about her new tune.
    Every year the anticipation for the hit track that will define the joy and thrill of the season becomes an event in itself! That wait is over with the hotly enthusiastic new single from Katy Perry. The track is her clearest most pop-infused hit to date but it’s just one of the most exciting (if not original) hit from the artist!

    katy perry youtube : california girls

    Katy Perry in California Girls : youtube video

    It’s undeniably the song of the summer and the most radio radio hit on the airwaves yet! This song just feels like summer!

    California Girls : youtube video : Katy Perry

    Katy Perry is awesome. So glad we’re starting to hear new music from this incredible artist, this song is catchy and fun and a great way to start off the summer and to start Katy’s new album off! With this song, everyone should enjoy this song, let loose, and have fun this summer like Katy probably envisioned for her fans!

    music video katy perry

    Katy Perry

    Youtube video by Katy Perry in California Girls

    This song is absolutely amazing. With such an upbeat tempo and great lyrics, anyone stuck in the rainy, gloomy days of April can be cheered up in an instant.

    If you thought Katy’s days of kissing girls were over, think again because she is back. Go get your suntan lotion and cherry chap stick, roll the windows down, and drive down to the beach blaring this! Listening to this song makes it feel like summer all year long!

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