• Justin Bieber Baby : youtube music video

    Justin Bieber youtube video of his last success titled Baby and positive reviews about his album.
    This album of Justin Bieber is better than the last. I personally say this is his best yet. I also think this is a much more mature version of him. Also this album is not very studio edited. For being a small town kid, his dream has came true. He reminds me of a Justin Timberlake. Justin has so much ahead of him this year. Oh and Justin keep up the awesome work.

    justin bieber baby youtube video

    youtube video : Baby by Justin Bieber

    Baby : youtube video : Justin Bieber

    Justin, chances are you wont see this but, honestly just ignore the bad comments, you are amazingly talented and there will always be haters, no matter who you are (even Beyonce )anyway it sounds corny but you will always have your supporters (and no I’m not some 13 year old Obsessive fan, I’m 15). Thanks for the album it made me smile.

    justin bieber baby

    Justin Bieber

    This album is excellent. Buy it everywhere, even on itunes because all the songs are worth it. You will not regret spending a cent on the album. This album without a doubt is amazing, I have nothing bad to say about My World 2.0 or even Justin Bieber. Even people who don’t even like Justin Bieber: after hearing this CD, you will have a second thought on that.

    Honestly, I was just going to buy “Eenie Meenie” because I heard it on the radio. But when I found out that Eenie Meenie was an “Album Only” song I had to buy the whole album. Turns out, I was not disappointed.This is actually a GREAT album! Made its way to my playlist. I have no regrets buying this. I am a Justin Bieber fan, I have to admit. But, I’m not a little obsessed fan girl. Love Justin Bieber now. My favorites are: Kiss n Tell, That Should Be Me, Baby, Never Let You Go, and of course, Eenie Meenie.

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