• John Coltrane A love Supreme youtube video

    A well known jazz masterpiece is the album A love Supreme by John Coltrane in a youtube video. Here are some reviews about it.
    Let’s be honest, the only words “sung” in the entire album is the title of the album. I am a newcomer to jazz and this is my first jazz album. To be honest, I was quite impressed, coming from a person who listens to mostly alternative rock. John Coltrane is a clever band leader, giving the album it’s own groove.

    coltrane youtube video a love supreme

    A love Supreme : Coltrane youtube video

    By peeking into the liner notes, you’ll notice that the album was based on Coltrane’s life-changing religious experience he had in 1957. As being slightly agnostic yet born into a Christian family, I’d like to thank god for inspiring Mr. Coltrane making this wonderful masterpiece.

    A love supreme by John Coltrane reviews : youtube video

    The album is short, clocking at 32 minutes, but it’s perfect that way. The album goes fast with these 7-minute parts, and that’s a good thing.
    If you want an album to chill to, without being too easy or too hard to listen to, pick this one up. Even if you’re not a jazz fan (like me), it’s generally accessible for eating, relaxing, or just listening to it. It sure wins my vote for the best album of 1964.

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