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    The well known Jimi Hendrix Hey Joe in a video taken from youtube and some reviews about his album titled Blues. This is my favorite Jimi Hendrix Album. It was compiled after his death from all the “Blues” songs he had recorded. It has all the elements of rock, while still keeping its true blues/jazz feel. He is truly an amazing guitarist! Definitely recommend this album, as well as the songs “Born under a bad sign” “catfish blues”, “bleeding heart! and “voodoo chile blues”. These songs are straight from the heart! Watch this youtube music video by Jimi Hendrix!

    jimi hendrix youtube music video

    Youtube music video by Jimi Hendrix in Hey Joe

    Album Blues by Jimi Hendrix : Hey Joe youtube music video

    Jimi Hendrix is a musical genius, he has smooth rhythms and this is so much better than the stuff people listen to now. This is not the only good album he has. try some of his others, there just as amazing.

    Perhaps no other album managed to capture Jimi Hendrix and his roots in such a pure and raw form. The songs on this album portrays Jimi’s deep roots as a blues guitarist first, and maps out a progression in his early style that helped shape the legend we know of today. If you are a true Jimi Hendrix fan, then this album is a must for your collection.

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