• Jamie Cullum Don’t stop the music youtube video

    Don’t stop the music by Jamie Cullum is a song of the album The pursuit: here is the video taken by youtube.

    Jazz comes in many forms but this is so current, uplifting and easy to listen to that I would recommend this to anyone even if they aren’t excited to hear another jazz artist. Definitely worth buying. Jamie Cullum is a genius. His sound is unique and masterful.

    jamie cullum youtube

    Please don’t stop the music : Jamie Cullum youtube

    I have listened straight through the album twice now and each time I’m amazed by the different beats, musical elements, instruments, and his great voice. Through and through, this album is one of my favorites definitely his best work thus far.

    Jamie cullum

    Jamie Cullum

    Don’t stop the music by Jamie Cullum

    Been a fan since Twenty something and have introduced scores of people to this talented man’s music! Been anticipating the North American release of The Pursuit for a longtime. Let me tell you, it does not disappoint! Keep ’em comin’ Jamie!

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    1. Nathan says:

      I think Jamie Cullum is one of best songwriters on this moment. I love Jazz/Pop. He have a beautiful voice. His music is nice to listen it. The best songs are Don’t Stop The Music, Wheels and I’m All Over It. I heard from people he has in Great-Brittan a own tv-show.

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