• James Blunt : You’re beautiful : youtube music video

    James Blunt You’re beautiful music video taken by youtube: this song is his best hit: here is some reviews about his album Back to Betlam.

    For me I hear so many people toting You’re Beautiful or Goodbye My Lover as the greatest songs on this CD. James Blunt is so much more than that. Tears and Rain is a very deep and well thought song, you just need to sit and think about the lyrics a lot more (and read Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray”) to understand it.

    james blunt you're beautiful

    You’re beautiful : youtube video : James Blunt

    You’re beautiful : youtube music video : James Blunt

    The lyrics in every song are catchy but more importantly they are thoughtful. The singing quality of James Blunt is so crisp and clean and its tonality is really amazing (He’s not Josh Groban but given time and training).

    james blunt

    • You’re beautiful youtube music video by James Blunt

    The only thing that could use work is that a few of the songs have a very similar sound in the begining, butlthinkthats one of the problems with acoustic guitars (and a professional would probably dispute that but I’m not a professional). Anyway, I already bought my tickets for James Blunt at the House of Blues in Orlando and look forward to it.

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    2 Responses

    1. dan patoc says:

      very nice song, i would request to post the lyrics on youtube please!

    2. Linda Hatcher says:

      James Blunt has a beautiful voice. Soultry and Relaxing.

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