• Flo rida Roots : music video by youtube

    Youtube music video by Flo rida in Roots.
    I have to wonder what people were wanting or expecting from it. Are they taking the title too literally and expecting a boring album with Flo Rida talking about the bad things of “overcoming the struggle” instead of realizing that maybe he is speaking of another “route to overcoming the struggle?” There are after all different routes available.

    flo rida roots music video

    Youtube music video Roots by Flo rida

    I expect that more good reviews will come in as more people hear it. I for one highly recommend it.

    Flo rida : music video : Roots

    I’ve listened to it all the way through several times now and I expect to listen to it several more times. That is not true of many of the CD I have in my large collection of various types of music.

    Also while the song “Right Round” is a takeoff of the old song by Dead or Alive I don’t think the two need to be compared. They are different songs and if you want the Dead or Alive song, then go buy the Dead or Alive CD. Hey, I have it.

    Roots by Flo rida : youtube music video

    • Here is the video Roots by Flo rida taken by youtube

    Don’t buy Flo Rida so you can make a comparison where there is none. The main thing I have learned from the reviews of this album so far is to not depend on these reviews for my purchases of CD in the future.

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