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  • Ed Sheeran Perfect – Lyric Music Video

    Lyric music video of Perfect by Ed Sheeran and any beautiful reviews about his last album titled Divide. The other singles taken from the album are:

    1. Castle on the Hill
    2. Shape of You
    3. Galway Girl

    lyrics perfect ed sheeran

    “Shape of You” is such a finely produced piece with so many facets: It’s storytelling with character development in an immersive 2:11 piece. Sensory descriptions rather than blatant statements. So rather than writing something basic like, “I wasn’t looking for love” Sheeran’s lyrics say “A club isn’t the best place to find a lover so the bar is where I the primal beat is sensual and driven.

    Here is the official lyric video of Ed Sheeran Perfect taken from youtube.

    Every note and harmony is well-considered. It’s clean, pure and sensory “…now my bed-sheets smell like you”. What art is supposed to evoke. I get tired of the Top 10 lazy lyrics and harmonies. This, on the other hand, is spectacular work from writing, lyrics to production. Sheeran and his team is fine-tuned.

    Album Divide Reviews by Ed Sheeran the Perfect singer-songwriter

    This new album from the King of Acoustic is going to be a great masterpiece. While Shape of You has the uplifting and care-free feeling of pop music charged in it, Castle on a Hill takes us back to the beautiful and beloved ballads only Sheeran can produce. With his pure voice and hypnotic melodies, we can be assured that this is the start of an even better album (if it’s possible)!

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