• Donnie Darko soundtrack : Mad World : Gary Jules

    Donnie Darko is a well known film, a real cult movie. Mad World by Gary Jules is a beautiful song (composed by Tears for Fears) of its soundtrack. Here is some reviews about the soundtrack of Donnie Darko, a film I strongly suggest to watch.

    donnie darko soundtrack mad world

    Mad World : Donnie Darko soundtrack by Gary Jules

    I was interested in soundtrack for the “Mad World” cover, as I believe most people are. It is an enchanting series of melodies, reminiscent American Beauty meets Eyes Wide Shut. It paints an entire non lyrical story, even for those who have not experienced the film. If you are a fan of haunting dinner music, or love mysterious background music while relaxing with friends, this is the soundtrack for you.

    Gary Jules’s Mad World : Donnie Darko soundtrack

    Haunting and sparse, but still gorgeous. I love good movie scores, the way they retell a film in the emotion of just the music or allow you to take your own journey of personal cinematic discovery.

    With Donnie Darko, however, I had recently had played for me “Mad World” and discovered the album on iTunes by searching for that track, never having seen the movie. If the movie resonates with much of the same beautiful ambient melancholy of the music, I’m sure it will be a remarkable film.

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