David Guetta and Rihanna : Who’s that chick? : video – youtube music
  • David Guetta and Rihanna : Who’s that chick? : video

    David Guetta and Rihanna in music video titled “Who’s That Chick?”
    For those who do not know, David Guetta is a major artist but he does not sing, but produces and DJs. Almost like a house version of DJ Khaled. That is why Rhianna is featured just like Akon was on sexy chick. He makes the music. This is very common everywhere except for America. The song is awesome! I’m addicted to it! Theirs an instrumental too on another EP which also has the longer and better original version.

    david guetta rihanna who's that chick

    Rihanna and David Guetta : Who’s that chick?

    Rihanna and David Guetta : Who’s that chick? : music video

    is one of the best dance-pop songs of the year. David Guetta Rihanna team up to make a banger for the dance floor and wow, does it get the job done! with an hot electro sound & catchy lyrics as well, it’s seems it will burn up the airwaves during the winter season.

    It’s quite a catchy tune David Guetta never disappoints. Rihanna also adds some great vocals on to the track to make it quite a masterful tune. The only problem I have with the iTunes version is that it ends early-on line versions of this add the chorus again at the end instead of ending at the short silence at 2:46.

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