• Christina Perri : Jar of hearts : video

    I have listened to a lot of music since the time he was around me…you know to try to grasp my foothold on the solid ground again, but never have I had a song break open wounds that i thought had been sealed shut long ago. I did not just like this song. l thought, just maybe Christina Perri was talking about the same man?

    This song gave me chills deep down to my core, my soul hung on every word and I just fell to the floor in a heep sobbing! Never forget the love you have inside yourself for fear of the ice that was left inside your own soul.

    christina perri jar of hearts

    Jar of hearts by Christina Perri

    Jar of hearts by Christina Perri

    All I know is that this song gives me chills, which is a really good thing. I listen to this song over and over again, it has such a great melody and meaning. I have been looking for a song to sing with simple piano chords so I can manage to play it but “jar of hearts” is also a very powerful song. Just what I have been looking for.

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