• Christina Aguilera Cher : YouTube Video – Show me how you Burlesque

    Christina Aguilera and Cher video youtube of Show me how you Burlesque, an original soundtrack of the well known film Burlesque; there also some interesting reviews about the album.

    Getting two new Cher songs is such a treat for Cher fans.”You Have not Seen The Last Of Me” is one of the greatest Cher anthems ever. The remixes of the song have already been sent to the clubs. It’s also a shows topper moment in the movie. Diane Warren always writes great tunes but this one is perfect for Cher. Well done.

    cher christina aguilera youtube burlesque

    Christina Aguilera & Cher : youtube video : Burlesque

    Cher and Christina Aguilera youtube video : Burlesque

    This soundtrack is absolutely entertaining and I enjoy listening to it. It gives me energy and love the old school blues and jazz numbers. Love how they use real music as opposed to synthesized crap that’s out there. Christina did a really great job an so did Cher in the movie. It’s getting mixed reviews but I liked the storyline and it was entertaining and beautifully shot. Really great soundtrack and glad to see it’s number one all over iTunes.

    Christina has such an amazing voice i picture her as a Mini Cooper with a Semi-trucks horn: it blows you away. Cher’s songs in this movie and album are amazing as well I cannot love stop listening to “You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me” love love LOVE this movie and soundtrack.

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