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    Chris Botti, great jazz trumpet player, in a youtube video titled When I fall in love, a well known jazz standard. A variety of guests from different music genres make this a party not to be missed! With Keith Lockheart and the Boston Pops Orchestra providing the backdrop, Chris Botti remains the focus while showcasing the extraordinary talent that joins him on-stage! John Mayer’s stirring rendition of “Glad To Be Unhappy”, Botti and Band on jazz infused “Flamenco Sketches” and Yo Yo Ma on soul stirring “Cinema Paradiso”, and Lucia Micarelli on “Emmanuel” are especially haunting! Sting, as usual, is the perfect vocal match up for Chris on trumpet and “Smile” with Steven Tyler is one of the best versions of that song I have heard. And Josh Groban on “Broken Vow” moved me to tears! A lovely Boston tea party-brewed to absolute perfection!

    chris botti youtube video

    Youtube video by Chris Botti

    When I fall in love youtube video : Chris Botti in Boston album

    This album is AMAZING as usual for Mr. Botti. He always has unique pairings and this release is no different. “Broken Vow” with Josh Groban is ethereal,”Glad To Be Unhappy” is my favorite and I like the fresh take of Sting’s “Seven Days”. If you’ve never heard Chris Botti before, this album will hook you!

    Chris Botti

    While nothing can compare with the thrill of being in Boston’s Symphony Hall the nights this was recorded, the CD is the next best thing. The sold out crowd was treated to hometown musicians Steven Tyler and Yo-Yo Ma. Steven brought down the house, microphone scarves flying, to Cryin’ and Yo-Yo had the audience in tears with Cinema Paradiso.

    Seeing John Mayer in a tuxedo singing a Sinatra tune was amazing, as was the quartet of Yo-Yo, Dominic Miller, Sting (on the lute) and Chris performing Fragile. The only thing missing here is Sy Smith’s incredible rendition of The Look Of Love. She was an audience favorite and it was a crime not to include her.

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