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  • Cascada Evacuate the dancefloor – Dance Music

    Cascada in Evacuate the dancefloor and two interesting reviews about her album with the same name.

    A great album. Definitely different from the other two albums, but that is not a bad thing. For those saying Cascada’s sounds the same in every track”unoriginal”steals songs blah blah blah1 just take a listen to “Fever” (That was a shocker), “Breathless”, “Hold your hands up” or “Why you had to leave”. And for you hardcore fans, they still kept that classic Cascada sound in the tracks “Hold on”, “Ready or Not’. “Dangerous” and “What about me”. All in all, this album is pretty good. For those skeptical, you’ll be surprised. I was!

    cascada youtube video dance

    A youtube dance video by Cascada

    youtube video : Cascada : dance music : Evacuate the dancefloor

    Track-by-track review:

    • Evacuate the Dancefloor(10/10). What a way to kick it off! This should become their biggest hit in the U.S. to date.
    • Hold On (9/10). Starts off a little slow, but turns into a nice song to groove along to.
    • Everytime I Hear Your Name (9/10). Reminds me of Tina Cousins (look her up, you’ll be glad you did.
    • Ready or Not (9/10). Old school Cascada thumper, not that there’s anything wrong with that!
    • Fever (10/10). Red One strikes again! Gritty vibe makes you want to shake it.
    • Hold Your Hands Up (9.5/10). Nice breather, shows off Natalie’s beautiful vocals.
    • Breathless (9/10) Same progression in the verses as Mandy Moore’s “Crush,” but a good track nonetheless.
    • Dangerous (8/10) – Another Cascada thumper; I’d pick Ready or Not over this one.
    • Why You Had to Leave (9/10)- Nice mid-tempo song (another comparison to Tina Cousins).
    • What About Me (7/10)-Another thumper, but not as thrilled by the “instrumental” part of the song.
    • Draw the Line (10/10)- Natalie KILLS this song (in a good way, of course). Girl has chops.

    Here is Evacuate the dancefloor by Cascada : youtube dance music video.

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