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    Elton John your song

    Elton John Your song : youtube video

    Elton John’s youtube music video of Your song, his greatest hit. Let’s not beat around the bush. There really are two Elton Johns: one, the singles artist that has no problem coming up with...

    let it be beatles

    The Beatles Let it be : youtube music video

    I’m probably one of the few Beatles fanatics to place Let It Be among my three favorite albums, and I dont care! Yes, Phil Spectoris no George Martin (really, who is?). Martin was the...

    Michael Jackson Hold My Hand

    Michael Jackson music video : Hold my hand : youtube

    A new youtube music video by Miachel Jackson and Akon in Hold my hand. For the most part Michael Jackson is singing on most of the tracks for this album. I am a serious...

    womanizer britney spears

    Britney Spears Womanizer : youtube music video

    I think this is the perfect album for Britney’s come back. I love the theme and there is not one bad song on it. I think Blackout was not so good but this awesome...

    michael jackson bad

    Michael Jackson youtube music video : Bad

    Michael Jackson youtube video of Bad, one of his greatest hits and some great reviews of the album. Michael Jackson to me will always be a king of music. I think thriller was the...

    justin bieber baby

    Justin Bieber Baby : youtube music video

    Justin Bieber youtube video of his last success titled Baby and positive reviews about his album. This album of Justin Bieber is better than the last. I personally say this is his best yet....