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bill evans Nardis

Bill Evans Trio : Nardis video

This is a seminal jazz record; the definitive Evans record to own and certainly one of the most influential jazz records of all time. To start with, this is the apex of what a...

the girl is mine michael jackson

Sill Life (Talking) : Pat Metheny group

Pat Metheny has an inner understanding of the soul itself through his music. The list of his accomplishments on other albums are astounding. This particular album exemplifies the famous Metheny style with the spirit...

Wes Momtgomery

Wes Montgomery : Smoking At the Half Note (Live)

This is probably THE BEST CD for Jazz Guitarists. WES revolutionized Jazz guitar. And his best works are on this very album. THIS IS A MUST FOR JAZZ LOVERS AND GUITARISTS! While a fan...

miles davis so what

So What by Miles Davis : video

A real masterpiece! Miles Davis improvises his solo in So What. Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Wes Montgomery.  You cannot sit and look cool in a jazz club without ever hearing these artists.

django reinhardt

Django Reinhardt Guitar Music

An album by Django Reinhardt, a great guitarist. Gathering together a continental sampling of brilliant guitarists from the past and present. The proceedings open and are anchored by the estimable Django Reinhardt and proceed through...