• Bruno Mars youtube : Just The Way You Are : video

    Just the way you are is the new youtube music video by Bruno Mars : here are also some reviews about his new single. Bruno Mars is a great singer. He has some good songs out there but he’s disappointed me now. Maybe it wasn’t his fault but this song has the exact same beat as “Doesn’t Mean Anything” by Alicia Keys. And his songs are becoming more predictable. I will say he’s better than other male artists out there. He deserves to be famous but has to watch out on his music or he could get lost very easily!

    bruno mars youtube just the way you are

    Bruno mars : Just the way you are : youtube video

    Just the way you are : youtube video : Bruno Mars

    I love Bruno-his style, sound, everything. This song is a great preview for what’s to come in the future. Not his best work, but I think it will definitely win over a lot of people. Anything this boy sings in my book is a hit so the haters do not know what they’re saying. Ever since I first heard “Nothing on You” back in Feb and saw the video, I knew this kid was great. Love that “Just the Way You Are” is sweet and upbeat even though I love his more alternative, slower songs.

    Youtube music video by Bruno Mars : Just the way you are

    When I heard this played for the first time I was like blah but then I listened some more and it was like I was in love all over again but it reminded me of an ex.

    Then to my surprise my ex sang it to me out of know where and yeah I was teary eyed. Love love this single just hope the album is just as good and better.

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