• Britney Spears : Hold It Against Me : youtube music video

    Britney Spears is the greatest Pop Star to ever exist and continues to prove it over and over again. Britney has provided us with the best entertainment and unforgettable performances. Her live concerts, TV skits, interviews and everything Britney, has completely changed the entertainment industry for the best.

    britney spears hold it against me music video youtube

    Music video by Britney Spears

    We can even argue that her Super bowl performance was the best act the NFL has ever seen actually, it was the last amazing Superbowl halftime show since then! No one can ever be as good as the one and only Ms. Britney Spears. Everything she touches turns to gold.

    Hold against me by Britney Spears

    Whether your Curious, Believe in something more, Fantasy about new and exciting chapters in your life, you’re ultimately the one who chooses your own Destiny and how to Radiantly shine in the lime light. Thanks to Britney for making pleaded skirts hot, encouraging us to do sit-ups, have the perfect work/life balance and be fearless in all that we do! You made Glee the best ever and started the New Year off right. Some can’t admit it but all know that Britney Spears began an unstoppable empire almost 12 years ago. Here’s to all your success Britney and all the memorable events to come. Cheers! Love you! Keep those hits coming.

    Britney has undoubtedly a massive hit on her hands, she’s crafted a near perfect song. Surprising in the fact that it came so sudden, but honestly not so surprising because honestly has she ever put out any bad music? It’s a massive pop tune, perfect catchy and sing along but with a hard electronic edge. Then, unexpectedly, the middle-8 drops a huge dub-step dance breakdown that will surely set a trend (can’t you imagine the video? amazing.

    Here is the youtube music video Hold it against me by Britney Spears.

    It is unlike anything on the radio at the moment. You have to applaud Spears for not following the trends. She’s taking risks, she’s more in control than one would think. This song is a definite hit! Cannot wait to hear it take over the world.

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