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    Youtube music video Breakfast in America by Supertramp. The album of Supertramp titled Breakfast in America is one of those that starts off great and finishes great. Feel the tension between the two songwriters as they write tunes directed to each other.

    supertramp youtube music video breakfast in america

    Breakfast in America by Supertramp

    Youtube music video by Supertramp : Breakfast in America

    See Roger Hodgson was going to leave at the end of this one but ASM persuaded Roberto give it one more shot.
    Enjoy the youtube music video by Supertramp : Breakfast in America.

    He left following the Famous Last Words album and tour.
    Breakfast in America is the slickest of all their albums. It sounded great on vinyl 30 years ago. I am just sad they have not done an anniversary tour, but the sides are so divided. At least we have this piece of art that still is great today.

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