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  • Bob Marley No woman No Cry : Youtube Music Video

    No woman no cry youtube music video by Bob Marley, the king of reggae.

    If Bob Marley’s music doesn’t appeal to you the first time you listen to it, listen to it again, and once you discover the heart and soul of his art, you’ll be listening to him nonstop. Bob is one of the few artists on Earth who can make you feel as good about life. All of his songs are meaningful, especially Buffalo Soldier and Three Little Birds.

    bob marley

    No woman no cry by Bob Marley

    After listening to ANY Bob Marley song, you instantly feel like a new person, happier with life, despite the hard times. I would give this album way above a 5, but that’s as high as it goes.

    bob marley youtube music video

    No woman no cry : Bob Marley youtube video

    No woman no cry : Bob Marley youtube music video

    And I know some past time Bob Marley fans who are getting upset that people are only getting interested in Marley from I Am Legend, and the fans feel the others don’t know how much soul is put into this masterpiece.

    But, let it be, for they will understand the meaning, and more Bob Marley fans will emerge, fully submerged in the fullness of life. Rest in peace Bob, and hopefully your music continues to make the world a better place.

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