• Black eyed peas : The time (dirty bit) : youtube music video

    The Black eyed peas in a youtube music video with the song titled The time (dirty bit) and some reviews by their fans.

    American music is finally catching up with European music. There is a lot of hate at the Black eyed peas but this should be understandable because they did change their music a lot. This song is for sure meant for the clubs. A lot of people thing this kind of music is super easy to make but that is just being malicious. Those people obviously don’t know much about writing music because it does take a lot of work.

    black eyed peas youtube video

    Youtube video : Black eyed peas : The time

    youtube music video : Black eyed peas : reviews about The time (dirty bit)

    Why all the crying? I dont know of any band that keeps recycling the same sound. Bands that are not willing to evolve their sound eventually perish. I guess the Rolling Stones should have never deviated from playing “Satisfaction”. Dont listen to these 12 and 13 year old whiners! Good song!

    Despite it’s basic structure and the fact that this song probably only took a day to write, record, produce, everything, this song will dominate America. It is going to reach number one in the nation for sure. It’s simple, but so much fun to dance to! What more can you expect from Black eyed peace?

    I love this song! it’s so addicting! i mean the original from “dirty dancing” is obviously better, but this song is awesome! i love their new stuff more than their old even though some of their older stuff is good, and I’d listen to them over Eminem (crap) any day!

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