• Guitar album : The best of Santana

    Great guitar album: Best of Santana. I purchased this album after hearing Oye Como Va in a taxi cab: it is my favorite song on the album. Being younger, I did not grow up with any of these songs; however, I was surprised how many of these songs I have actually heard before.

    the best of santana album

    the best of santana album

    Some of them I would like to mention are Evil Ways, Black Magic Woman, She’s Not There, No One to Depend On, and Hold On. There are several songs I had never heard prior to buying this album that I love as well…Bella, Dance Sister Dance. Europa, and Soul Sacrifice are some of my other favorites on this album. With this best-of collection, you get a lot of bang for your 9.99…16 tracks! For this reason, I recommend this Santana’s best-of above the others. I should mention that if you are looking for his newer hits, you will have to go with a different option, but this is a very solid album and well worth the purchase.

    Another review about the best of Carlos Santana

    It doesn’t get any better than this. Buy this CD. You will not be disappointed. Santana brings to life, through music, moods, emotions, and pure uncontaminated energy what very few musicians can accomplish. He takes us back to a day when innocence was still alive and well, and he was already far ahead of his time. Santana can make you dance, cry, laugh, giggle and make love, and gaze up at the stars all with the sound of this amazing music. Most would think me insane for the thought, but if we were able to put Santana and Beethoven in the same room to play music together with a room of listeners, no person would walk out of that room without total unadulterated awe.

    It has been said by many that Beethoven through his music could arouse emotions in a person that were totally captivating, and it is true. I can say also that Santana is one of those rare individuals that can stand worthy of playing with and even complimenting the great master Beethoven. This is the highest compliment I can pay a musician. Santana will take you places with his music that you desire, and will awaken parts of your mind and soul that you may have forgotten…just listen and you will hear.

    The best of Santana and Beethoven

    Ironically enough today while listening to an instrumental of Santana’s from Supernatural, I also thought of Beethoven. I was imagining more of a good play list that could probably contain both of these awesome, in the literal sense, artists. You could easily go from Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata to Santana’s Bella and never notice an abrupt change of centuries. Santana is a gift to our time, and if you don’t know his music, you should. This is a good place to start, but beware, you might not be able to stop here, so good is his art. Now, if we could just Carlos and Ludwig collaborating together, we’d all feel heavenly.

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