• Best classical cd : 100 classics

    This classical Cd album was released by EMI on 2004 on Itunes.
    These are the kinds of classical pieces that your alternative/emo/rock-addicted kids will hear from the next room and poke their heads in the door and say, ‘What’s that?” Might be worth buying for that reason alone. Plus, if you’re one of those kids and want to have it all together in one place so you don’t have to communicate with your parents at all, here’s your chance.

    100 best classics CD

    Classical CD

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    As a lifelong listener of classical music I am often asked how can someone interest their children in the classics. This is a wonderful introduction. Also as an adult one should never stop learning. I was delighted to hear Prokofiev’s “Dance of the Knights”…My daughter danced to that at Lincoln Center and I had forgotten which ballet that piece of music was in and I found it haunting! Next I’ll buy the complete ballet. Enjoy.

    Classical collection : Cd album : best 100 classics by EMI music

    There are some Wonderful pieces of Classical Music on this Album. iTunes has finally made the album reasonably priced. The Groupings of tracks on this album are somewhat predictable. Instead of mixing them up a bit, all your similar Operatic arias are grouped together, all the Marches together, even some of the newer Film Classically styled songs like Themes from Titanic, Schindler’s list are grouped together.
    Final recommendation would be that this is great for someone who shuffles their tracks or for a beginner to become acquainted with Classical Music, but there are some better ones out there for the same value and maybe better quality.

    This is a great collection of well preformed classical music from talented composers and performers. A recent price drop down to $9.99 also makes this a great deal, at only $0.10 a song. Great for those who dont already have a library of classical music, but personally I already have at least 2/3 of these songs. A good collection, just check through your old CD’s before buying, as many of you may find you own most of these already.

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