• Avril Lavigne : What the Hell : youtube music video

    Avril Lavigne’s What the Hell youtube video. I have loved Avril Lavigne’s music from the start, and her music has changed. In the beginning she was young, singing about teenage issues, and things everyone deals with at that age range. But she’s grown up, she’s a woman now, her music will change. Her new style is different, not bad, just new. I’ve grown up with her, Let Go came out when I was 13, and the rest of her music followed, falling into the right times of my life. What The Hell fits in perfectly to my life right now as well.

    avril lavigne youtube music

    What the hell by Avril Lavigne on youtube music

    Youtube music video : What the Hell by Avril Lavigne

    Her music has helped me through a lot of good times, and a lot of bad times. That’s what music is about, right? Helping people cope and live. I adore Avril, and I will continue to follow her music, no matter how it changes, because we’re growing up and changing too, just as she is. And yes, I agree that by the way was a little awkward for those die-hard fans like myself, at first. It grew on me, over time. But we’re coping, and goodbye lullaby seems to promise some of her old sounds as well as some of her new sounds. And if your a true fan, then you’ll deal with it. Besides, it’s her music. Avril, your music has helped me more then any artist.

    Pop music video by Avril Lavinge : youtube clip

    OK, it’s been a while since we’ve heard something from Avril Lavigne, and I’m just glad I have something new to listen to. If anybody really cared about what goes on with Avril, they would have known that this song isn’t even what her album will be like.

    And the song has a catchy beat with a carefree message, little girls wont really be listening to this, so everyone stop complaining. Go to some other artists page and let the people who actually like Avril Lavigne read the comments without constant stupid criticism

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