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  • Amy Winehouse dead : Rehab

    Amy Winehouse dead! One of the best soul singer in the world dies for heavy problems with drugs. Let’s remember her with her great video titled Rehab. Here is a review by a fun of her. Ironic that such a fabulous and soulful artist who enveloped so many genres of music in this and so many of her albums; in so much pain and yet we’ll never know how much more she could have grown and given to the music world, dies too soon and even the Grammys (five) from one album could not help her seek the solace she desperately needed from her addictions.

    amy winehouse dead

    Amy Winehouse

    Despite her inevitable chance in Rehab, the sad end to her latest European tour; (how hard was it to see her last attempt to perform on stage),? I hope she seeks the peace in another life that so tragically eluded her in her much too short life and career. Rest in Peace, Amy, and my heart goes out to her family and to all who love her. I can imagine all the “new” fans who will discover her now that she has left us for a better place.

    • Amy Winehouse Rehab

    Too bad that you will discover her when she tragically left us,but, this always happens. Rest in Peace, talented angel. Those horrible addictions sure take a truly tragic hold on the special souls and psyches of the gifted and sensitive artists. Bye, from another gifted musician and art therapist. Your gifts will be immortal July 24,2011.

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